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Descendants of Sims Harris

Chapter 1b.1 of Part I, Descendants of William Harris

By Garda M. Hodgson

(Child #1 of Harbert Harris and Mary Bradley)

Sims Harris4 (Harbert3, Wm.2, Isaac1) was born November 1, 1831 at Montford's Cove, Rutherford (now McDowell) County, North Carolina, and died September 24, 1906. He married Nancy Hall, daughter of Elijah Hall and Anne Wilkerson on February 24, 1859 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. She was born September 13, 1840 at Montford's Cove, and died January 1, 1915. They were buried in Montford's Cove Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina. "Sims and wife, Nancy Hall lived in Montford's Cove. Their home stood in the pasture near the Earl Lytle homeplace."

    1. + Alfred Washington HARRIS b 5 Oct 1866; m 29 Aug 1889 Iowa MARLOWE
    2. + Leander Buford HARRIS b 17 Mar 1869; m 1st Caroline HARRIS5 (William Harris4, Harbert3, Wm.2, Isaac1); m 2nd Susan Katherine HAMPTON
    3. + William Deaver HARRIS b 30 May 1871; m Lula M. SELVEY
    4. Almina Sophronia HARRIS b 23 Sep 1875, Montford's Cove, McDowell Co., NC, d 4 Apr 1943 Montford's Cove; m Ulysses Grant HARRIS [s/o Coleman Bradley HARRIS4 (Harbert Harris3, Wm.2, Isaac1) and Tempa Elizabeth LEDBETTER]; both bur Montford's Cove Cem., Rutherford Co., NC; descendants listed under his name [this Part, Ch. 1b, Descendants of Harbert Harris]
    5. + Elijah Hillard HARRIS b 16 May 1878; m Amy Lee DAVIS

(Child #1 of Sims Harris and Nancy Hall)

Alfred Washington Harris5 (Sims4, Harbert3, Wm.2, Isaac1) was born October 5, 1866, and died May 11, 1948. He married Iowa Marlowe, daughter of I. J. and Martha Marlow, August 29, 1889. She was born June 16, 1871 and died January 31, 1941. They were buried in the Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina. Their descendants live in Rutherford and Forrest City, Rutherford County, North Carolina.

Margie Harris Cox sent two pages of notes concerning the children in this family that included no dates. I have chosen to quote her notes following the child to which they refer.

    1. Pleasly Braxton HARRIS b 7 Jun 1890, d 21 Jan 1892
    2. Nannie Belle HARRIS b 10 Jan 1892, d 14 Jul 1977; m Robert BURGIN
      "They had eight children. Carrie Burgin married Frank Daniel. They had one child Rachel. Rachel married Jimmy Wilson. They had one child, Debbie. Pearl Burgin married Tom Owens. Nell Burgin married Sim Toms. They had four children. Steve, Meladie Ann, Machelle, and Johnny Toms. Steve Toms married Pat Padgett. Johnnie Toms married Carolyn Cosby. They had two children Kim and Tracy. Earl Burgin married Lou Camby. Their children were Melvin, Judy Whitner, Tommy. Their grandchildren were Crystle and Melvin. Fred Burgin married Francis Hudson. Freddie Jr. married Mary Ellen Broadhurst. Fred married Dot Robinson. Myra married Jimmy Epps. They had Bryant Epps. Wilbur Burgin married Pat Miller. They had three children: Bob, Susie, and Billy. Betty Burgin married Fred Getty. Fredia married Jim Nolen. Their children were Virginia, Ann and Mike. Max Burgin married Mickie Kelley. Their children were Kelli Lynn and Eddie."
    3. Isaac Raleigh HARRIS b 28 Aug 1893, d 10 Nov 1968; m Detter Lee SISK
      "They had one son, Clyde Harris, who married Dorothy Hearns. They had one child Linda Harris. She married Mike Chapa. They had two children, Gregory Chopa (sic) and Patty Chopa (sic)."
    4. James Lonzo HARRIS b 15 Mar 1895, d 8 Jun 1975; m Lida or Lydia May HILL
      "James Harries(sic) married Lydia Hill. Their children were Elsie Harries who married Charles Carver. They had five children. Ruby married Ray Duncan. They had three children. Tyton married Louise Keeter. They had two children. Lydia Olene married Edward Davis. They had three children. Halda married James Kensey (deceased). They had four children. Helen married James McDaniel. They had three children. Judy married Willie Florence. They had four children. Jenny married Joe Summer. They had three children. Jack married Glenda Lovinggood. They had two children. William married Lois Cordel. They had three children. Buddy married Shirley Bores. They had one child. Don married Betty Bardsdale. They had no children. Beth married James Harmon. They had three children."
    5. Debbie L. HARRIS b 6 Oct 1896, d 28 Apr 1898
    6. Melvin H. HARRIS b 16 Jun 1898, d 5 Oct 1966
    7. Evie Lee HARRIS b 22 Feb 1900, d 5 Jan 1979; m Eddie Riley BAYNARD
      "Evie Harris married A. R. Baynard. They had three children. Lois Baynard married James Allen. Becky married Steven Coon. Julia Carol Coon was their only child. Margie was Evie and A. R.'s second child. Charles Baynard married Margie Harris. They had four children: Bonnie, Ray Jean, Sherrie, Lee, and Ray, Jr."
    8. Charles Sims HARRIS b 2 Mar 1902, d 8 Feb 1963; m Belle SISK
      "They had two children. Earl and Margaret Harris. Margaret married Paul Mobley. Their children were Paula and Sandra."
    9. Rebecca Sue HARRIS b 3 Nov 1903, d 10 Mar 1936; m J. T. CROWE
    10. Ernest Alfred HARRIS b 4 Nov 1905, m 1st Cora TESSNEAR; m 2nd Annie SISK
      "Their children were Genell Harris who married Walter Adair. Jack Harris married Ann Swofford. Their grandchildren were Judy Ann, Melvin, and John. Earnest A. Harris married Annie Sisk. Patsy Harris married Hal K. Cooke. Kenneth W. Harris married Betty Mise. Johnny L. Harris married Geraldine Waters. Patsy H. Cook and Hal's children were Hal K. Cooke, II (Chip), Johnthan (sic) Patrick, and Melinda Gail Cooke. Kenneth and Betty's children were Pamela Irene, and Teresa Lynn. Johnny L. Harris and Geraldine's child was Vanessa Leann Harris."
    11. Ralph Forest HARRIS b 14 Jan 1908, d 20 Mar 1969; m Anna Lee CROTTS
      "Their children were Don, Jeannie, and Dan. Don married Patty Padgett. They had one son Don Harris, Jr. Jeannie married Gary Campfield. They had one son Berry Campfield. Dan Harris married Linda Hopper. They had one son Dan Harris, Jr."
    12. Horace Lester HARRIS b 18 Nov 1909; m Ruth HOPPER
      "They had one child Jolene who married Jerry Allen. They had one son Micheal Harris Allen."
    13. Myrtle Gertrude HARRIS b 15 Aug 1911, d 22 Jul 1913
    14. Walter Carlos HARRIS b 14 Jul 1913; m Liddy Mae RADFORD
      "They had nine children. Jerry Ann married Bob Baker. They had two children Max and Randy. Ray Harris married Jean Freeman. They had two children Debbie and Cathy. Stanley Harris married Barbara. They had two children Stanley and Robert. Albert W. Harris married Madona (sic) Berry. They had one child Chris Harris. Nancy Harris married Wade Moser. They had two children Lesia and Stefna Moser. Dean Harris married Sue Spratt. Their children were Tamey and Leslie Ann Spratt. Dianne Harris married Steve Champion. Stella was their only child. Faye Harris married Lee Wilson. Scotty Harris was Walter and Lydia's ninth child."
    15. Sara Velma HARRIS b 18 Oct 1916, d 29 Jun 1969; m Japp JONAS
      "They had one child, Charles Harris Jonas."


(Child #2 of Sims Harris and Nancy Hall)

Leander Buford Harris5 (Sims4, Harbert3, Wm.2, Isaac1) was born March 17, 1869 in the Otter Creek area of McDowell County, North Carolina, and died November 14, 1954 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. He was married twice. He married first, Caroline Harris (1869-1894), daughter of William Harris4, (Harbert Harris3, Wm.2, Isaac1) and Sallie Wilkerson. William Harris was the son of Harbert Harris and his first wife, Ester Dornbush. Leander married his second wife, Susan Katherine Hampton, daughter of Noah Hampton and Cynthia Susan Walker, November 24, 1895 at J. S. Hampton's home. She was born September 11, 1873 in Rutherford County, North Carolina, and died July 18, 1951 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. They were buried in the Mt. Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina.

    Child of Leander B Harris and Caroline Harris:
    1. + Avery Young HARRIS   b 6 Oct 1889; m 1st Mary SEARCY; m 2nd Clara Sue BIGGERSTAFF

    Children of Leander B. Harris and Susan K. Hampton:
    1. Dovie Sue HARRIS b 1 Sep 1896; unmarried
    2. Walker Hall HARRIS b 26 Mar 1898, d 18 Oct 1966; m Annie Mae WALKER
    3. Nancy Estelle HARRIS b 10 Sep 1900, d 3 Jan 1956; m W. Quentin COLLINS
    4. Katherine Irene HARRIS b 14 Mar 1903; m Walter Ray EARLEY
    5. Bertha Lee HARRIS b 21 Oct 1905, d 9 Jul 1906
    6. Lloyd Buford HARRIS b 5 Nov 1906, d 16 Aug 1963; Carol COLE
    7. Annie Gertrude HARRIS b 17 Aug 1909, d 11 Apr 1922; killed with a baseball
    8. Roy Sims HARRIS b 5 Sep 1912, d 13 Feb 1973; m 1st Agnes COATES; m 2nd Cerelda LACKEY
    9. Noah Wayne Thompson HARRIS b 23 Oct 1914; m Frances McBRIDE
    10. John Hampton HARRIS b 4 Jan 1917; m Nettie Willard CARNELL


(Child #1 of Leander Buford Harris and Caroline Harris)

Avery Young Harris6 (Leander B.5, Sims4, Harbert3, Wm.2, Isaac1) was born October 6, 1889 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. He was married twice. His first wife was Mary Searcy, daughter of William and Mary Searcy. His second wife was Clara Sue Biggerstaff. She was born in North Carolina in about 1895; she was 25 years of age at the time of the 1920 Census, and died before 1930. The family was living in Green Hill Township of Rutherford County, North Carolina at census time in 1920 and 1930.

    Child of Avery Y. Harris and Mary Searchy:
    1. Jessie Vernon HARRIS b 16 Jun 1913 Rutherford Co., NC, d there 26 Jun 1980; m Virginia Helen KUYKENDAL (d/o Otho and Isabelle KUYKENDAL) b 26 Nov 1915

    Children of Avery Y. Harris and Clara S. Biggerstaff:
    1. Hoyle Baxter HARRIS b 22 Apr 1918, Rutherford Co., NC, d 17 May 1981, bur Green Lawn Memorial Cem., Columbia, Richland Co., SC; m 5 Jan 1951, Margie BOONE
    2. Sarah Maxine HARRIS b 20 Sep 1919, Rutherford Co., NC; m 6 Sep 1941, Raymond Brisco WEST (s/o Luther B. WEST and Ola Birdie LINGERFELT), b 1 Feb 1919, Rutherford Co., NC
    3. Marie Harding HARRIS b 10 Apr 1921, Rutherford Co., NC; m 7 Nov 1941, David Logan HEFFNER (s/o Christy HEFFNER and Addie LEDFORD), b 28 Jan 1922, Rutherford Co., NC
    4. Katherine Louise "Lucy" HARRIS b 13 Jul 1922, Rutherford Co., NC
    5. Avery Young HARRIS b 19 Apr 1924, Rutherford Co., NC
    6. Fred Russel HARRIS b 6 Feb 1926 Rutherford Co., NC; m 2 Jul 1950, Sybil Devue HOLLIFIELD (d/o Gus HOLLIFIELD and Pearl McGRAW)
    7. Clyde Buford HARRIS b 2 Feb 1928, d 6 Jul 1947
    8. Roland Roscue HARRIS b 18 May 1929; m CA, Janet Kathern JENSEN, b 3 Dec 1926, Ellendale, Freedom Co., MI

(Child #3 of Sims Harris and Nancy Hall)

William Deaver Harris5 (Sims4, Harbert3, Wm.2, Isaac1) was born May 30, 1871, and died June 15, 1944. He married Lula Melinda Selvey, daughter of George Selvey and Sarah Harris5 (William Harris4, Harbert3, Wm.2, Isaac1). She was born August 4, 1876, and died March 23, 1959. Both were buried in the "Montford's Cove Cemetery."

    1. Duffy Freeman HARRIS b 22 Jan 1896, d 14 Apr 1921; unmd
    2. Milliard William HARRIS b 17 Feb 1898, d 30 Apr 1967; m Cora FUNDERBURK
    3. Jonas D. HARRIS b 13 May 1900, d 22 Aug 1942; unmd
    4. Elsie Bly HARRIS b 5 May 1902; m Frank SHEHAN
    5. Ella Lou HARRIS b 4 Jul 1904
    6. Florence May HARRIS b 25 May 1906, d 3 Mar 1923
    7. Burlin C. HARRIS b 18 May 1908; m Mitchell BRIGMAN

(Child #5 of Sims Harris and Nancy Hall)

Elijah Hillard Harris5 (Sims4, Harbert3, Wm.2, Isaac1) was born May 16, 1878, and died on February 23, 1956. He married Amy Lee Davis. She died on August 17, 1954. They were buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Rutherford County, North Carolina.

    1. Della Lee HARRIS b 27 May 1900; m Claud EARLY

      1. N. L. EARLY
      2. Janette EARLY
      3. C. J. EARLY
      4. Demeria EARLY
      5. E. H. EARLY d 30 Jul 1963

    2. Grady Lonzo HARRIS b 11 Jul 1901, d 19 nov 1932; m Lillian JONES

      1. Wallace HARRIS
      2. Beatrice HARRIS
      3. Kenneth HARRIS
      4. Hazel HARRIS

    3. Annie Laura HARRIS b 8 Dec 1905; m Leland MORROW

      1. Kathleen MORROW

    4. Nannie Sue HARRIS b 29 Nov 1908, d 14 Jan 1978; m Bryan WHITESIDES
    5. Rena Mae HARRIS b 12 Sep 1912; m John DAVIS
    6. Norris Melrose HARRIS b 26 May 1915; m Johnny BEAM
    7. Pauline Virginia HARRIS b 19 Jul 1918; m Erastus HILL

# # #

Research sources are listed in the Appendix

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