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Descendants of John Harris

Part II of Descendants of Isaac Harris

By Garda M. Hodgson

John Harris2 (Isaac1), the son of Isaac Harris of Meherrin Parish, Brunswick County, Virginia, was born about 1757. He married a woman named Frances. We do not know her maiden name. He was in Rutherford County, North Carolina by 1785. The records there reveal that his brothers William and Wooten Harris were there as early as 1782/3. His brother, Benjamin Harris, was also there when he married Rutha Byers in about 1789 or before. John Harris purchased 100 acres of land on the Middle Fork of Cathey's Creek in Rutherford County on October 1, 1785 from James Black. He purchased an additional 100 acres "on Middle Fork of Cathey's Creek of 2nd Broad River close under the mountain joining lands of James Black on the east side including his own improvement" on March 7, 1786 from Thomas Donnelson of South Carolina. Then on May 3, 1790, he purchased 100 acres on a fork of Boren's Creek, waters of Main Broad River, from Martha Douglas, and 150 acres on Suck Branch of Boren's Creek from Thomas McSwain on August 23, 1794. On September 15, 1797, he sold 200 acres, "being the 100 acres purchased from James Black and 100 acres purchased of Thomas Donaldson" to Andrew Hampton, for £200.

The original will of John Harris was found in the Division of Archives and History at Raleigh, North Carolina. It was dated December 29, 1797, and probated during October Court in 1798. The dates had been copied incorrectly into Rutherford County, North Carolina, Will Book B p 99 as made in 1794 and probated in 1795. In this will, John Harris devised all his real and personal estate to his wife, Frances, for the benefit of herself and children during her life or widowhood, and at the expiration of either, the land was to be divided between his three sons: Peter, John, and Reuben. His personal estate was to be divided between his four daughters and his wife, Frances. His daughters were Sally, Betsy, Anny and Judah. He appointed his wife executrix and George Blanton executor. His wife, Frances and John Willson were witnesses.

The names of the children's spouses were obtained from Rutherford County Court Minutes dated April 1839 (FHL film # 0428,787 p 111) when Jeremiah Runyan, who married John's daughter, Sarah "Sally" Harris, gave evidence to prove that her brother, John Harris, was a soldier of the 7th Regiment of Infantry, and died September 3, 1818. John Harris was not married. He left his estate to his brothers and sisters: Peter Harris, Sally who married Jeremiah Runyan, Elizabeth Huskey, Nancy who married Josiah McFarland, Judy who married Robert Russ, and also to Elizabeth Harris, the daughter of Reuben Harris, deceased, the brother of John Harris, late soldier of the 7th Regiment of Infantry.

The 1790 United States Census includes the name of the head of each family, the number of males over age 16, the number under 16, plus the total number of females. In the 1790 Census of Rutherford County, North Carolina, there were two men named John Harris who were named as a head of a family. Either one could be ours. In the first family, there were two males over age 16 including John, three males under 16, and five females including John's wife. In the second family, besides John Harris and his wife, there were four children, three males and one female, who were all under age 16. If the first family is ours, then all his children were born before 1790, and there was an extra male over age 16 living with the family. If the second family is ours, then three of his daughters were born after 1790. John died before October 1798 so was not counted in the 1800 census. I did not find a listing for his widow, Frances Harris, either.

The age of Judy Harris, the youngest daughter, was reported as age 50 in the 1850 census of Cleveland County, North Carolina; however, she was named in her father's will, which was dated December 20, 1797, so she was born before that date. She apparently fudged a little when reporting her age. Anyway, this is strong evidence that the second John Harris family is the correct one, because all the children of the first John Harris were born before 1790.

The three youngest daughters of John Harris, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Judah Harris were minors on April 9, 1805 when Joseph Camp was appointed to be their guardian. (See Rutherford County Court Minutes for April 9, 1805.)

(Child #2 of Isaac Harris)

John Harris2 (Isaac1) apparently married his wife, Frances, while they were still living in Virginia. Their daughter, Sarah, was born in Virginia according to the 1850 census of Cleveland County, North Carolina. John was living in Rutherford County, North Carolina by 1785. It is assumed that their children born before that date were born in Virginia, probably in Brunswick County, and the others were born in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Sarah and Judy are the only two of his children for whom descendants have been found.

    1. Peter HARRIS b abt 1782 VA
    2. + Sarah "Sally" HARRIS b abt 1784/5 (65-1850) VA; m Jeremiah RUNYAN
    3. John HARRIS b abt 1787 Rutherford Co, NC; d 3 Sep 1818, unmd, soldier in NC 7th Regiment of Infantry
    4. Reuben HARRIS b abt 1789 Rutherford Co, NC, d before Spring Court 1839; m  ? 

      1. Elizabeth HARRIS

    5. Elizabeth "Betsy" HARRIS b abt 1792 Rutherford Co, NC; m Mr. HUSKEY
    6. Ann "Nancy" HARRIS b abt 1795 Rutherford Co, NC; m Josiah McFARLAND
    7. + Judah "Judy" HARRIS b before 29 Dec 1797; m Robert RUSS

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