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More about Mary Harris

(Child #6 of Isaac Harris of Brunswick Co, VA)

Part VI of Descendants of Isaac Harris

By Garda M. Hodgson

Elizabeth and Mary Harris, two sisters of the six brothers, John, William, Wooten, Benjamin, Reuben and Zachariah, were identified at the same time the record was found proving that Isaac Harris was the father of the brothers. Elizabeth was named first in that record (Brunswick County, Virginia Order Book 12, p 175) so she may be the the older sister. There is a strong possibility that Mary Harris may be the Polly Harris who married John Black on February 4, 1795 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. We approximated her birth year to be about 1768 which would place her birth after her sister Elizabeth and before the birth of Reuben Harris who was born March 22, 1771. This means she would have been about twenty-seven years of age at the time of her marriage. We know that "John Black of Tryon County, North Carolina" purchased 100 acres of land in the Cove from the State of North Carolina, for 50 shillings each 100 acres, "beginning at a red oak marked B on a branch of Cove Creek, a little below Philip Goodbread's claim or old improvement, on 28 October 1782," which he later sold to William Harris in a deed dated 13 October 1783. (Note: Tryon County was discontinued in 1779 when Rutherford County was formed from Burke and Tryon Counties).

Abstracts of the following deeds pertaining to John Black are included here for your information:

FHL Film # 019,912 Rutherford County, North Carolina, Deed Book JL, p312:

"August 26, 1794. John Black, of Rutherford County, North Carolina, to John Withrow, of same, for £300, 275 acres in Rutherford County, it being the same land that was left to him by George Black, Esq., his father, on both sides of Second Broad River, beginning on the east side of Connoway's Creek at the mouth on the old line running up the old original line for compliment, joining Josiah Black's line, from thence bounded with Marlow's line on the West side of the river from thence joining Hugh Black's line, from thence to the beginning. Signed: John Black, Witnesses: John Reed, William Withrow."

FHL Film # 019,912 Rutherford County North Carolina, Deed Book AD, p283:

"March 20, 1783. Andrew Hampton to George Black, both of Rutherford Co, NC, 300 acres. Witnesseth, that on 14 January 7th year of American Independence, at a County Court held for Rutherford County, there was recovered against one Benjamin Adams, late of this County, planter, £52:10 by virtue on the case; also £2:16:3 adjudged to George Black. Judgements plus costs a total of £55:14:11 pence. Andrew Hampton, high sheriff of Rutherford County ordered to sell at public auction one tract of land lying on both sides of Mountain Creek of 2nd Broad River, beginning at a red oak on the north side of sd creek, thence W220 poles to a white oak, thence S220 to a red oak, thence E220 to a white oak, thence 220 poles to the beginning, 300 acres, granted to Benjamin Adams by deed 21 Jan 1779. Sold to the highest bidder, George Black for £43."

Signed: Andr. Hampton, Shf. Witnesses: Loudewick May, Ruben Wood.

FHL film # 019,912 Rutherford County, North Carolina, Deed Book MQ, p284:

"October 6, 1794. John Black to Arthur Buchannan, both of Rutherford Co, NC, for £160, 250 acres land in Rutherford Co, NC on First Broad River, adjoining land of William Willis. Beginning at a red oak, thence S17 E190 poles to a white oak in Willis' line, thence with Willis' line N70 E140 poles to the river, thence with the river to a pine standing below Isan's fish dam, thence N to a post oak, and thence to the beginning. Being a tract of land granted to John Isan by patent 15 Dec 1769 which land he the said John Black doth grant unto the said Arthur Buchannan . . .

Signed: John Black. Wit: Nathan Thompson, Ephraim Black, Joseph Buchanan."

In the book, Rutherford County, North Carolina Will Abstracts 1779-1910, compiled by Grace Turner and Miles S. Philbeck, Jr., item number 46 is an abstract of the will of George Black with the note, "not in will books."

"GEORGE BLACK, 7 October 1789, Wife Rachel Black, Sons John, Josiah, Hugh, and James. Daus. Rachel and Dorky. EXEC. John Fleck, Samuel Reed. Wit. Wm. Porter, Rachel Hughey."

In addition, in the International Genealogical Index at the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the record of George Black and wife Rachel Withrow of Rutherford County North Carolina with children, John, Hugh, James, and Dorcus was found.

# # #

Research sources from county records are listed in the Appendix

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