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Descendants of Zachariah Harris

Part VIII, Descendants of Isaac Harris

By Garda M. Hodgson

Zachariah Harris, of Meherrin Parish, Brunswick County, Virginia, was the youngest of the known children of Isaac Harris. He was born about 1773, and died between 1840 and 1844 in Hurricane Township, Fayette County, Illinois. His older brothers and sisters were, William, John, Wooten, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Mary, and Reuben. He was undoubtedly in Rutherford County, North Carolina, after the Revolutionary War with the rest of the family, then went to Greenville County, South Carolina, with Benjamin and Reuben Harris before 1790. There was an extra male included in the household of Benjamin Harris when the 1790 census of Greenville County, South Carolina, was taken. This is presumed to be Zachariah who was single at that time. Zachariah was known to be there. The fact that he sold land to his brother, Benjamin Harris, is mentioned in a deed from Benjamin Harris to William Cannady. This deed for 500 acres of land included a "188 acre tract, purchased of Zachariah Harris, also a second tract bought of Zachariah Harris in the same deed." (Ref. Greenville County Deed Book K, p 174).

Zachariah Harris married Bathsheba Haley, and was in Franklin County, Georgia before the birth of his oldest child, Sarah, who was born in about 1797. Sarah was age 53, and born in Georgia, according to the 1850 census of Fayette County, Illinois. The last record of Zachariah Harris in Franklin County, Georgia, was when he participated in the 1805 land lottery there. He did not win a prize. The family was next found in Tennessee.

Bathsheba (Haley) Harris, wife of Zachariah Harris, was usually called Basheba or Basby. She was born in about 1774 in North Carolina. We do not know the names of her parents; but, in 1790, Mark, Richard and William Hailey were neighbors of Wooten Harris in Burke County, North Carolina, just across the line from Rutherford County. This section of Burke County was added to Rutherford County in 1796. Also William Haley, William Haley, Jr, and James Haley were neighbors of Zachariah Harris in Franklin County, Georgia. Many of the Burke County neighbors were also in Franklin County, Georgia at the same time as the Zachariah Harris family, making it seem likely that they traveled there as a group and were related.

In the 1950's, when my sister, Deon Rasmussen, began her search for the ancestors of Zachariah Harris, she knew that his brothers, Wooten and Benjamin, had lived in Virginia, and North Carolina, before they and their brother, Zachariah, were in Tennessee; but she was surprised to find, from the Fayette County, Illinois census records, that the older children of Zachariah Harris were born in Georgia. Later, I was searching the records of Greenville County, South Carolina, looking for a clue that might tell me where in Georgia to look for Zachariah Harris. I noticed that a lot of people in Greenville County were selling their property there and moving to Franklin County, Georgia. For that reason I began my search in Georgia in that county. This saved a lot of time because that's where I found him.

Zachariah Harris was first mentioned in the Inferior Court Minutes of Franklin County, Georgia ( FHL film # 365,923) under the date of November 25, 1799. His name was included in a list of persons drawn to serve as jurors at the next Superior Court. Next, he was found in the Franklin County, Georgia Tax Digest records. The data recorded in that record for 1800-1819 ( FHL film #159,144) includes the name of the taxpayer, the number of acres of first, second, or third class land he owned, the name in which the land was first entered, the creek or river whereon the land was located, and the tax paid. The names of the following persons were listed consecutively in 1800: James Hailey, Andrew Hendricks, Zachariah Harris, Gabriel Martin, William Hailey (Jr), and William Hailey (Sr). These were all names that had been included in the records of Burke County, North Carolina. William Hailey, Sr., was listed with 100 acres of land on Indian Creek, and James Hailey had 100 acres of land on Crooked Creek. Zachariah Harris and William Hailey, Jr. just paid a poll tax.

The tax list was the same in 1801 and 1802; but in 1803, Zachariah Harris is recorded with 240 acres of land on Indian Creek for Richard Harris. Richard Harris appears to be absent, but he is charged a poll tax. The record was the same for 1804, in which William Haley Sr. is listed for the last time. William Haley Jr., and Zachariah Harris were listed in 1805 for the last time, and Basilla "Harias" (in a deed his name is "Barzillai Harrison,") was listed as "agent for Robert Harias," and with 191 acres of land entered in the name of Mark Haley. The names Allen and Absalom Harris appear on the tax list for several years after the year 1805, then there were no longer any names with the surname Harris on the tax list.

Franklin County, Georgia, Deed Book PP pp. 40, 41:

"Deed ddt 28 Nov 1803, recorded 24 Apr 1806, from Zecheriah Harris (X) of aforesaid to Lewis Davis of same. In consideration of $200.00 conveys 240 acres in Franklin Co., on waters of Indian Creek, adjacent to Stephen Westbrook, & Leach.
Wit: Esaias Harbour, James Dudley. Acknowledged 21 Jul 1804."

This record seems very strange! The tax record is written as though the 240 acres belonged to Richard Harris, but then Zachariah Harris sells the land as though it was his. (?)


Several land lotteries were held in Georgia in order to encourage settlement in the state. The following persons, all of Franklin County, Georgia, were included in the Land Lottery of 1805: #598 Zachariah Harris, #599 James Haley, #608 William Haley, Jr., #676 Benjamin Harris, #677 Reuben Harris, #689 Richard Harris, #690 Basil Harris, #691 Robert Harris, and # 659 Absalom Harris. They all drew blanks except William Haley, Jr. who drew a prize. It appears that Benjamin and Reuben Harris moved from Greenville County, South Carolina to Franklin County, Georgia long enough to establish residence, or pay a tax to the government, and participate in the land drawing. I'm very curious about Richard, Basil, and Robert Harris. The possibility that they may be relatives seems obvious.

The deeds found in Franklin County, Georgia, for William Haley and William Haley, Jr. are very interesting. First, on April 15, 1805, William Haley (Sr) sold to James Mills 20 acres land lying on both sides of Indian Creek adjoining J. Mills and Zachariah Harris. Then on April 17, 1805, Zachariah sold to James Mills, 100 acres of land lying on both sides of Indian Creek. On April 18, 1805, Zachariah Harris sold to James Mills 100 acres land on both sides of Indian Creek, adjacent to Howell Adams. (Note: Frances (Adams) Harris, wife of Wooten Harris, has a brother named Howell Adams). (Ref. FHL film # 007,128 Franklin Co, GA, Deed Bk R p 4-6). There was also a deed dated January 14, 1806 from William Haley, Jr., of Dixon County, Tennessee, who gave Power of attorney to his friend Abner Fararr to sell lot #115 in Wayne County, Georgia. This was likely the land he won as a prize in the 1805 land lottery. (Ref. FHL Film # 007,127 Deed Book PP p 19).


Zachariah Harris was still in Franklin County, Georgia in 1805, but there is no record of him in Georgia after that time. Also later census records of his family indicate that the children born after 1805 were born in Tennessee. When Zachariah moved to Tennessee, he purchased land on Haley's Creek in Hickman County. He sold this land in 1813 and moved to Humphreys County. In about 1829, he moved to Illinois, where his family was included in the 1830 census enumeration of Montgomery County the following year. He and his wife were both over age 45; there were two males and one female in the "16 to 25" age bracket, one male in the "16 to 18" bracket, two males and one female in the "10 to 15" age bracket, also three males and one female under the age of ten years.

The following is from Portrait and Biographical Record of Macoupin County, Illinois:

"On the 7th of July 1830, the home of Pendleton and Jane (Mallard) Harris was gladdened by the advent of the subject of this sketch. Pendleton Harris, who at the time was living on a farm eight miles northwest of Greenville, Bond County, Illinois, was a native of Tennessee, and a son of Zachariah Harris. The latter was born in North Carolina, and was there reared and married. He removed from his native state to Tennessee, and was a pioneer in that commonwealth locating on the Duck River. He took up a tract of timberland whereon he dwelt until 1828 when he became a pioneer to this state, journeying overland with his family taking his household goods with him to his future home on the frontier. He located in Fayette County where he bought land and improved a farm, upon which he lived until he closed his eyes in death."

The ages of both Zachariah's daughter, Lucinda, and his son, Pendleton, were reported as "age 41" in the 1850 census records. Lucinda was living in Montgomery County, and Pendleton in Fayette County at that time. We have no reason to believe they were twins. Pendleton's age was consistent in 1850-1880 censuses, but Lucinda's age was included in only this one census. We therefore considered Pendleton's age to be reported correctly, and have estimated Lucinda's birth year as about 1807 where she fits between her brothers, Zachariah, born in 1805, and Pendleton, born in 1809.

In 1830, the year after Zachariah and family arrived in Illinois, he was listed in the Montgomery County, Illinois census next to his sons, Ancil and Benjamin Harris, and his sons-in-law, Thomas and Anderson Rhodes. He purchased an eighty acre farm in Fayette County directly across the county line from his brother Wooten Harris's land in Montgomery County, and here he lived the rest of his life.

The following explanation seems to be in order: In the 1950's, when my sister, Deon Rasmussen, was doing research on the Harris family, she contacted Don Corbett, a descendant of Benjamin and Rutha (Byers) Harris, who said he had considerable information on the descendants of Wooten and Zachariah Harris which he obtained from Walter Harris Toberman. Mr. Toberman was Secretary of State for Missouri from 1949 until his death on February 13, 1960. Don Corbett had visited his home in Illinois and copied records and made notes about the family many years ago. At the time Deon contacted him, Don was very busy and said he needed time to go over the records and put them in order. After Deon's death, I sent him a him a copy of the data I found in Brunswick County, Virginia, proving that Isaac Harris was the father of the brothers, and he sent me a chart he compiled showing the descendants of Zachariah Harris. Some of the data on this chart was badly confused, but there were parts of it that could only have come from the Walter Toberman record. These items added valuable information to our knowledge of the family.

Zachariah Harris died after 1840 and before May 8, 1844 when the "heirs of Zachariah Harris, dec'd," conveyed their interest in the eighty acres he owned in Fayette County to their brother Wooten Harris. (Ref. Fayette County, Deed Book E p 441). The heirs and their spouses who signed the deed were: John and Sarah Green, Keziah Harris, widow of Ancil Mancil Harris, Thomas and Elizabeth Rhodes, Benjamin and Elizabeth Harris, Zachariah and Emiry F. Harris, John B. and Lucinda Hanes, Pendleton and Jincy Harris, Jacob and Matilda Harris, Anderson and Susannah Rhodes, Henry M. and Eliza Harris.

Bathsheba (Haley) Harris, widow of Zachariah Harris, was still alive in June 1847 when she was mentioned in the Minutes of the Liberty Church of Bingham, Fayette County, Illinois, but she was not found in the 1850 census records. All of their living children were found in the census records that year except Elizabeth, who married Thomas Rhodes. Thomas Rhodes was dead before the 1855 State Census of Fayette County, Illinois was taken. My question is, did Thomas die before 1850? Elizabeth was living with her son, Jacob, in 1860 and 1870. There is no evidence that Elizabeth lived anywhere other than Fayette County after they came to Illinois. Could Bathsheba have been alive and living with her daughter, Elizabeth, in 1850? And could the family simply have been missed by the census taker that year?

The records of the descendants of Zachariah Harris and Bathsheba Haley are divided into chapters. There is one chapter for each of their children. Some of the chapters are divided into subchapters, when there are many descendants on that line.

(Child #8 of Isaac Harris of Brunswick County, Virginia)

Zachariah Harris2 (Isaac Harris1) was born in about 1773 in Brunswick County, Virginia, and died between 1840 and 1844 in Hurricane Township, Fayette County, Illinois. He married Bathsheba Haley who was born in about 1774 in North Carolina, and died after 1847 in Fayette County, Illinois. After their marriage they moved from Greenville County, South Carolina to Franklin County, Georgia, then later to Tennessee before moving to Fayette County, Illinois, in about 1829. When they moved to Illinois, their sons and sons-in-law and their families either came with them or came shortly before or shortly afterwards.

  1. + Sarah HARRIS   b 1797 (53-1850); m John GREEN
  2. + Ancil Mancil HARRIS   b 9 Jun 1799; m Keziah VEATCH
  3. + Elizabeth HARRIS   b abt 1801; m Thomas RHODES
  4. + Benjamin HARRIS   b 1803 (47-1850); m Elizabeth  ? 
  5. + Zachariah HARRIS   b 30 Dec 1805; m 1st Sarah Jane RHODES, m 2nd Elmira "Emiry" Freeman HEATH
  6. + Lucinda HARRIS   b abt 1807; m 1st Alexander RHODES, m 2nd Moses KURTZ; m 3rd John B. HAINES
  7. + Pendleton HARRIS   b 1809 (41-1850); m Jane MALLARD
  8. + Jacob HARRIS   b 4 Feb 1810; m 1st Matilda TABOR, m 2nd Cynthia(HAMON) JACKSON
  9. + Susannah HARRIS   b 1814 (46-1860); m Anderson RHODES
  10. + Thomas Wooten HARRIS   b 1 Feb 1816; m 1st Arminia Angelina ISHMAEL; m 2nd Anna PINSON; m 3rd Elizabeth (MASSEY) VIRDIN; m 4th Mary (CHUMLEY) (WILSON) THACKER; m 5th Mrs. Martha A. FERRIS; m 6th Melinda (STANT) WHITESIDES; m 7th Elender (KING) PINSON
  11. + Henry M. HARRIS   b 1818; m Eliza (REEVES) MILLER

# # #

Research sources are listed in the Appendix

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