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Descendants of Isaac Harris

By Garda M. Hodgson

Use the form below to order your copy of this book on CD-ROM. The book is over a thousand printout pages long. You are permitted to make a copy for your personal research purposes in the form of a printout, or you can save each page to a file on your own computer quite easily. For each page you wish to access on your own system, when it is in view on your browser, first click on "File," then "Save as." This will bring up a window that will list the filename we have given the page. Browse to or create a folder where you wish to keep this book, and click on the "Save" button. Repeat this for each chapter. Note that not all items are listed on the navigation bars -- it will be best to use the Table of Contents listing to ensure you copy all the webpages. Then, if you wish, you can create your own CD-ROM copy, for personal research and reference.

It would be a violation of copyright laws for you to make multiple copies and offer them for sale or distribution. However, if you wish to make copies for family members who don't have access to the internet, you have permission to do so. OR, you can tell them how to order a CD from the webmaster, or simply "cut and paste" and print out a copy of the order form to give to them.

Cost of CD-ROM Copies; Donations Cheerfully Accepted!

We are making CD-ROM copies of the book available on a cost basis, and ask only a contribution of $5.00 to cover supplies, materials, and shipping and handling via First Class mail. If you want more than one copy, we can send three for $10.00. If any family members would like to contribute to help defray the expenses of hosting this website, we encourage donations in additional multiples of $5.00. Just check the third choice on the order form, and enter the amount you wish to donate. You will receive three copies of the CD for the first $10.00 of your donation. And we thank you in advance for helping out!

This website will be available for as many years as your webmaster can continue to squeeze out of life! So there is no need to order a CD-ROM. However, if you have a slow internet connection, or have limited hours available, then the CD-ROM will make it easier for you to access the information.

Call for Volunteers

As you can see from skimming through this book, it contains a huge amount of information, all well documented by Garda Hodgson. Mrs. Hodgson has all these data in hand-prepared family group sheets, but has not had the capacity to convert her files to computerized format. If there are any volunteers to spearhead a project for each major family line, to convert all the data to computer format, then we will provide CD-ROMs for all volunteers at no cost to you. That is, it will come out of the webmaster's pocket, which he is glad to do. If you wish to organize a group amongst descendants of one of Isaac Harris's children to work on such a project, we can set up "chat" groups from the website to accomodate your contacts one with another. We also can provide you with unique e-mail addresses, also free of charge, such as "" -- you just provide the username you'd like, and a password you want to use, and we will set it up. You will be able to direct the e-mail to come to your own e-mail program as a pop3 mail account AND it will also be available to you when you are away from your own computer as an IMAIL account on the 1and1 server. To discuss this further, just click on the webmaster link, below.

How to Order

Here is an easy way to order the book on CD-ROM, by using PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account now. Just click on the "Pay Pal" button, which will take you to the PayPal website, where you can sign up for a free account with them. (The button may not appear on some browsers. If not click on the "Make Payments with Paypal" alternate text message.) You can use the account to pay for the book using an electronic check or your credit card. Pay Pal will then credit my PayPal account and I will mail you the CD. If you want more than one copy, change the dollar amount on the form to $10.00, and we will send you an extra free copy for a total of three copies:

At present we have no other method of accepting payments over the internet, and the additional monthly cost to set that up is prohibitive for your webmaster! So, for now, if you wish to order a copy of the book on CD-ROM, please cut and paste the following information into a letter, add your mailing information, and send it to the webmaster. Notice we have been a bit "tricky" in listing our mailing address. This is a method that will prevent automated web robots from harvesting my address and using it for inappropriate purposes. [Just cut and paste the material between the lines of plus signs.]

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Order form - Descendants of Isaac Harris CD-ROM

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( ) I have enclosed a check or money order for a $10.00 donation to cover costs for three copies via First Class Mail. (The extra $5 will help with site costs.)

( ) I have enclosed a check or money order for a larger donation, $10.00 for three copies via First Class Mail, the extra $________ to help with site costs.

Make checks payable to: Doug Paulson - I will keep records of all donations.

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